Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Premiere Date for the Bladed Hand Documentary Set!

Jay Ignacio, the producer of the long awaited "Bladed Hand" documentary recently announced the premiere date on the "Bladed Hand" page on Facebook. According to Jay, the documentary will premiere on July 7, 2012 in Quezon City.

As of now, there are no further specific details with respect to further showings, locations and dates. Furthermore, it is currently unknown as to when the documentary will be released on DVD. There is the possibility that it will be streamed on the internet before being released on DVD. Once I find out more details, I will post on here.

I think that it's fantastic that another FMA documentary is coming out, two years after the successful release of the "Eskrimadors" documentary. This can only help heighten and increase awareness of Filipino Martial Arts. For those of us who practice FMAs, we should find a way to support these documentaries!  Here is a trailer for the "Bladed Hand."

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